Although each piece of art requires the talents of countless community members coming together, these fine folks are the faithful heads of our Pride.  

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Pearson's experienced an art-filled childhood in Beaverton, OR – experimenting with homegrown theatre and film creation before delving into the craft more deeply. While completing his BA in Film & Theatre at the University of New Orleans, Pearson was a Props Master for three graduate student films, Casting Director for two, and an Associate Producer on the school's film production: "The Farewell Rag." Pearson has held associate producer, production designer, and production assistant positions on professional short film, music video, web series, and commercial productions. Additionally, Pearson has acted for the stage, film, and tv. Over the past four years, Pearson has written, directed, and produced ten of his own short films and published two original one-act plays. He believes that art is a essential way for us to constantly question and challenge the circumstances of our collective existence. Find out more about it at his website:




Driven by a passion for people and stories, Madeleine Smith works in mediums ranging from spoken-word poetry to film. She began making music videos with her siblings in high school, and her love of film expanded into a way for her to speak on social issues. She has produced a short documentary titled The Only Black Person in the Room, featuring the stories of African-American students from her school. At Oregon State University, she has worked as a radio host and a the director of a TV show at the Orange Media Network. She also produced two pilot episodes of a new collaborative show with the TV network and fashion magazine on campus. Most recently, Madeleine studied abroad for a semester in France, where she made a weekly vlog reflecting on her experiences, as well as two short films. As she double-majors in Anthropology and Economics, she continues to find film an effective tool in exploration of social issues and human interaction. More about Madeleine can be found on her website:




Polly grew up all around inner-city Portland moving many times and attending numerous different schools. With constantly adapting to different people and places, her eclectic childhood sparked a drive and curiosity at a young age to understand people’s lifestyles, motivations, and how circumstances place people in the world. Humbled by hundreds of hours of community service and inspired by traveling abroad many times for both family and social entrepreneurship work, she uses the wide range of relationships and experiences to drive her storytelling. Polly produced a talk & variety show Grabbin’ Life by the Pollz for Orange Media Network at OSU for 9 months, featuring roughly 100 people to showcase their talents and passions throughout the series. She is currently a Video Production Intern at Oregon State Productions where she shoots and edits video pieces with topics ranging from ocean science, to forestry, to music production. She will be graduating from OSU in December 2018 and will continue exploring documentary work both locally and internationally.